The Ember Mug² is the perfect mug for anyone who works from home. With extended battery life, never lose track of your morning coffee again. Set your desired drinking temperature for the smart cera...

Keep your coffee fresh for longer with the Atmos Vacuum Canister. Sleek, matte black stainless steel, the integrated vacuum pump and powerful airtight silicone seal stops oxidation to extend the sh...

A coffee book like no other, Coffee Milk Blood by Vava Angwenyi is a visual celebration of the empowerment and resilience of Kenyan women in coffee from a Kenyan perspective. Captivating and beauti...

A classic in our seasonal line-up: if you're after a creamy, comforting cup to ease you into your morning, Macho from Tarrazú, Costa Rica, is the one!

Kicking off the Honduras season, El Urraco from Santa Bárbara, makes for a juicy cup glistening with notes of clementine, cherry and sweet honey.

Superbly fruity with a hint of honey, next up in our Ethiopian lineup is  Chancho from Jimma, Ethiopia!


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