Espresso Gift Box

Espresso Gift Box - 1
Espresso Gift Box - 1

The perfect combination for those of us who like espresso or milky coffee. This gift box is made up of 350g Red Brick, offering great texture with nutty caramel for comfort alongside a bag of the bright and fruity delight, Worka Wuri Espresso. A great gift for those who want the perfect start to their day. We all know the tastier the coffee, the happier the holidays.

As a pre-sale item, your gift box will be roasted and shipped on the 3rd of December.

Orders placed with other products will ship separately. 

Our Espresso Gift Box contains 1 x 350g bag of Red Brick and 1 x 350g bag of Worka Wuri Espresso. Ideal for espresso machines or Moka pots.

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