Filter Gift Box

Filter Gift Box - 1
Filter Gift Box - 1

Bringing bright, fun, fruity flavours of Worka Wuri roasted for filter alongside the deliciously comforting The Filter Blend, this gift box will put you in the holiday mood! Add a touch of festive twinkle with fruity hues of red, pink and violet to your brunch table, or gift the coffee people in your life with a holiday filled with delightful brews.  

As a pre-sale item, your gift box will be roasted and shipped on the 3rd of December.

Orders placed with other products will ship separately. 

Our Filter Gift Box contains 1 x 350g bag of The Filter Blend and 1 x 350g bag of Worka Wuri Filter. Perfect for anyone who brews with a V60, Aeropress, Kalita, Clever Dripper or French press.

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