Peak Water Jug

Peak Water Jug - 1 Peak Water Jug - 2
Peak Water Jug - 1 Peak Water Jug - 2

With water sitting at the heart of brewing, Peak Water is the hero we’ve all been waiting for. Inclusive of a testing kit, detailed water guides and an advanced variable filter, Peak Water allows you to tailor your tap water to best suit your brewing preferences in three simple steps.

One. Test the water hardness and quality. Two. Set your filter to the correct micro-adjustment by following the instructions. And, three. Brew. Easy to use and by far the quickest way to brewing delicious tasting coffee consistently, Peak Water is a must-have. 


1 x Jug
1 x Filter
2 x Test Strips
1 x Manual


Adjustable filter settings
Premium dual-ion resin
Carbon matt filtration
Recyclable and regenerable filters
Dishwasher safe
BPA free plastic
Fridge friendly design